Monday, June 1, 2009

Osgoode is finally getting a renovation!!

Many academic libraries have had renovation work done to them over the past two decades. Now it is finally time for Osgoode to join them. The school has finally been given government money to start its long-awaited renovation. The announcement was made on Friday, but was officially announced today on the Industry Canada website. Among the top priorities in the renovation will be the library! Let's hope the renovation will bring much more added light and brightness to the library.

CALL Conference

I'm just back from the CALL (Canadian Association of Law Libraries) conference that was held last week in Halifax. There were actually some very good sessions.

One interesting session was a librarian from Illinois who came and has a theory that sooner rather than later, there will not be many librarians, however there will be more librarians. It sounds odd. Although she makes some good points in her theory, I'm not sure I can ever really see that happening. Yes, its true that most people nowadays want everything online. However, until we invent something like star trek, I'm not convinced that is going to happen. There will always need to be places to store, and most importantly find information, and not everything will be online.

There were other interesting topics, such as the legal obligation of what to do when someone gets older and can no longer care for themselves. The speaker, a professor from Dalhousie, was dynamic and very engaging.

As for the social events, the banquet was quite fun. I especially enjoyed watching one of the government documents librarians from Newfoundland nearly hurt himself playing the spoons. The lobster, which most people had (I had steak) was brought in to the sound of bagpipes.

All in all, it was a very good conference. See all of you next year in Windsor Ontario!