Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Strike is Ending!! (Hopefully!!!)

You may wonder why I put the word "hopefully" in the title. This is because the strike at York is hopefully at an end. The premier finally called the legislature back to get this legislation passed on Sunday. However, the NDP refused to go along with it. So, the bill is stalled while the politicians debate. However, it should be passed by Thursday. If this should happen, all of the students should be back in class on Monday.

However, CUPE held a protest at Queen's Park. 200 showed up. Out of 3400, that's not such a great turnout, if almsost 70% refused to sign onto the University's latest offer last week, you'd think more would have shown up. As it was, 4 people got arrested for being stupid and causing a bit too much of a ruckus.

There are threats that if this bill does pass on Thursday, CUPE will launch a court challenge, which would delay the school year even further. They have no legal grounds to win (at least in my humble opinion). The negotiations were at a complete deadlock, and if negotiations are at a complete deadlock, then the legislature has the power to order the union back. They've lost the battle of public opinion already. No need to damage their already sullied reputation further.