Saturday, September 19, 2009

Settling in to our new temporary digs

We're now in our new temporary digs at the Health Nursing and Environmental Sciences Building (HNES). We'll be here for approximately two weeks. We've been here since August 31st. So far, it hasn't been too bad. I will admit though that for the first week things were not in the best of shape. The library services area wasn't set up, so even though we were supposed to begin to provide service on August 31st we couldn't. When we finally officially opened on September 8th, we had to provide reference from a laptop as the reference computer wasn't working. Circulation couldn't do much on that day because their computer wasn't installed.

Fortunately for us, the students have been patient and understanding for the most part. They realize its been diffiuclt for us to provide service. I want to thank them for all of their patience. It must be frustrating to come to the library and find out that a book in our collection is inaccessible for two years. But it is they who provide us with our raison d'etre. Without our students and faculty, we wouldn't exist. We in the academic library field would do well to consider that.