Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A new deal!! Finally!!!

Yes indeed! Last night CUPE local 3903 and York University finally managed to come to a tentative agreement. After more than six months of negotiations, and a 12 week strike that shut down nearly all of the university, the two sides finally came to an agreement last night. Details weren't released, but here's hoping CUPE members are smart enough to ratify it. I imagine they will. I can't see them turning it down, as I think most of them just want to get it over with.

Some people may wonder why an arbitrator just didn't force a settlement. According to the back to work legislation, s. 13(1) says that the mediator-arbitrator can start to mediate within 30 days of being appointed (that being near the middle of February 2009) and has 90 days to help the parties come to an agreement. If there is no agreement by the end of 90 days, than the mediator-arbitrator can force a settlement on the parties.

Here's hoping YUFA (the Faculty association) isn't stupid enough to go on strike. Their negotiations will start soon.